Tap Music 3D-Tap Music 3D v2.0.7 MOD APK (Auto Perfect, VIP Unlocked)

Tap Music 3D-Tap Music 3D v2.0.7 MOD APK (Auto Perfect, VIP Unlocked) title=

Tap Music 3D


Tap Music 3D is a music game where players can listen to the songs they like and complete the level by tapping on different notes. Each note has characteristics that the player will not be able to ignore, and they will try to complete the screen in the best way. At the same time, new songs will be constantly updated and bring you many new experiences and challenges.


Players can find many different songs in Tap Music 3D, and they bring you interesting and not to be missed experiences. Players will focus on the musical notes that continuously appear and perform corresponding touches to complete the level. At the same time, these operations are not too challenging for players, but the difficulty and speed will continuously increase. So you will go from easy songs to complex songs.

When you start with the level of this game, you will see there are four columns, and that’s where the notes can fall. At the same time, you also find a line at the bottom, which is the position you need to touch. Every note can pass through this line, so you need to know when to tap when they’ve just reached the critical spot. You will work continuously to accumulate points until the game is completely over.


After you have selected a song for yourself, you will see the notes continuously falling in Tap Music 3D at different speeds. At the same time, you can also find different results depending on how you manipulate the notes that appear. It can be a perfect, great, and good shot, and anyone doesn’t want to fail to hit the notes. Therefore, players will need to improve their abilities.

Any player needs to pay attention to the types of notes that may appear before your eyes. Some are just circles that you can touch easily, and others have corresponding actions that the player will have to follow. For example, some notes have a rather long tail that requires the player to hold down the shape of the tail and wait until it disappears. So your hands will always be busy when interacting with many elements.

Each level in this game has a different rating system and is indicated by the number of crowns they collect. You will try to earn as many points as possible in this game, and depending on how perfect you are at touching the musical note, the number of points you get will vary. So you can achieve specific results in each level and receive impressive rewards that you cannot ignore.


In Tap Music 3D, players will be able to get different rewards, and one of them is the chance to unlock new songs. These songs belong to different themes that you can experience, like EDM, symphony, and many more. At the same time, unlocking them will be in a specific order because they each have their difficulty that players need to overcome. You will start with easy songs.

Experiencing easy songs is the right practice for players to improve their ability gradually. They will try to do what they need to do to achieve the best results, and of course, more difficult songs will be unlocked. Players will feel the urge to find new songs and don’t ignore any updated trending songs. It is a game that brings interesting experiences.

Players cannot ignore the beautiful songs and the constantly appearing musical notes:

Players will enter a level to enjoy their favorite songs and complete the level by tapping on the constantly appearing musical notes.These notes have different characteristics, and depending on these differences, you will have touch and hold operations.When you hit exactly one note, a message indicating the level of perfection appears, and you will get a high score and reach the full crowns.The number of songs you can unlock is varied and will follow an order you will have to go through and be forced to complete the levels correctly.The songs that you can experience are of different genres, and they will have continuously increasing difficulties that you can conquer.