My Town: School-My Town: School v7.00.05 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content)

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My Town: School


My Town: School is a game that urges players to explore by opening before them a world of dolls full of mysteries and characters they can interact with. They can take different characters to the locations they want with just a swipe of the screen and give different items. In addition, there will be other locations that you cannot miss and hide the heart points that unlock the surprise gift.


In My Town: School, players will be able to go with different characters to explore places in the school. Each location has different designs that players will need to spend time exploring, and of course, they will want to satisfy their curiosity when they try many things they can think of. Simultaneously, with the character of a world of dolls, freedom is always an element that anyone can find and entertain.

Players will observe the level in a 2D environment, and because this is a doll world, many characters will not move but accept your control. Specifically, you can drag them to any location and perform interactive actions. In addition, there are not too many features and rules that affect the player’s experience to enjoy this world the way they want.


When you experience a place in My Town: School, you should search for everything there is in that place. Some items are visible inside the level, and others are hidden. So you can interact with what you see and bring these objects to the characters appearing in that place to see their reactions. In addition, you will need to collect some hearts scattered throughout the environment.

Once you feel like you’ve explored enough of one place, it’s a good idea to move on to another and have a variety of exciting sites that correspond to different types of rooms on campus. You can go to the WC or the lab with varied reactions. At the same time, moving to these rooms is easy when you see some directional arrows indicating that it is possible to move to the next room. Of course, you will continue to play and interact with the characters and items in it.

When you experience this game, the remarkable point is that you will not know what you can do with objects and interact with characters. So you will find answers to your curiosities through making connections between objects and characters. Some associations can also have specific reactions that you can’t ignore, like when you feed a character. You will need to put the food on the plate and use the utensil to feed the characters, and you will also see the amount of food on the plate decrease.


When you go to a new place in My Town: School, you will be able to continue your search until you get bored. Things do not stop there when you will bring different characters into that environment and interact and play with them. At the same time, you also do not need to move the characters from one place to another but use the character list. Everyone on the list has different looks.

Having a list of characters will help you to be able to play anytime you want without being lonely because any character can appear unexpectedly. At the same time, during the game, you will not be able to ignore the heart points scattered in the environment. This collection has only one meaning: to unlock the gift, and inside, you won’t know what it is. So it will give you a specific attraction during the game.

Players won’t be able to take their eyes off these exciting school-breaking experiences:

Players will travel to a location in the school with different characters and perform the process of interacting with what they see.The characters do not move and can be taken to different locations you desire, and you can also give them different objects.Depending on the nature of the action in the world of dolls, the player will find different reactions of characters and objects.You will be provided with many different characters, and they are the ones who accompany you in the process of exploring the locations in the case.The number of hearts you need to find is scattered throughout the level, and you will need to collect them to receive unexpected gifts.