Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant-Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant v2.2-play APK (Full Game)

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Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant


The upcoming game that will be introduced to you will bring you a delightful entertainment experience by preparing dishes, which is Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant. Players will see their customers enter the shop and find ways to satisfy them with the dishes they prepare. At the same time, this preparation is completely diverse when there are many different ways of preparation, various spices, and impressive presentation.


Toca Boca is well known for developing entertaining games for kids and other ages to experience complete comfort. So, for Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant, a wholly new and rewarding experience is when they will take over a Japanese-style restaurant. They will maintain the restaurant’s operation by serving frequent customers by mixing ingredients and using different cooking methods.

A feature of this game is that it gives a certain freedom to players, and they can do whatever they want. But this is not a game that owns the world of dolls, so the guests who come to your restaurant will be able to eat the dishes presented in front of them. At the same time, the character change function has also been added, but there are also specific changes to ensure that players have the experience as if they are real restaurant owners.


Once you have been to a Japanese restaurant, you will be utterly impressed with the ingredients you can see in Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant. It is a container with the feature of being able to spin, and each time you turn, new material will appear. At the same time, after each spin, the old material reappears, and it is also the first factor that creates excitement for players when they can choose whatever they like in it. You will choose from a variety of ingredients.

Each material has a different processing method depending on the characteristics of the material and the purpose for which you want to make it. So, once you’ve put it on the cutting board, you’ll be able to cut it your way quickly, and over time you’ll notice how you cut it to make it more beautiful. Some ingredients you will need to cook to make sure the food doesn’t affect those who enjoy it, and you’ll be glad to see the expressions of these characters.

When an ingredient is cooked, don’t forget to move the pan, and you’ll see the unexpected effect happen, and it makes you feel like you’re doing a cooking demonstration. Also, once you’ve entered a Japanese-style restaurant, you won’t be able to get past the rolling mat that will help you create awe-inspiring sushi dishes. You need to pour a layer of rice on it, remove the necessary ingredients, and then with just one touch; your dish can be shaped.


In Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant, players will also need to take advantage of certain spices to create an impression for your dish. They are the ingredients that we often use, and in which there are two typical ingredients of Japanese cuisine: soy sauce and wasabi. Specifically, soy sauce is a dipping sauce that can be drizzled over elements that you feel can make them more flavorful. In addition, during use, you will see some ingredients change color to show that they have sauce.

All seasonings need to be sprinkled with absolute precision, and you need to consider their quantity. In particular, for wasabi, you should also be careful when using it because it can be regarded as a typical spice in Japanese cuisine; only a small amount is used each time. The characteristic of this spice is that it is entirely intense and sometimes affects the eater’s experience when you give too much. So everything needs to be perfectly coordinated.

After you have prepared the ingredients and used different cooking methods, your next job is to find a way to decorate them in a beautiful way. You will have a show for yourself and place your dishes in any place you like to ensure the aesthetics of the dish and suit your preferences. At the same time, you can also find some fascinating decorative elements that you can include in the dish.


Once you’ve got yourself a dish, it’s automatically brought to your customers. You will be the one to observe the facial expressions and expressions of these characters and will know what you need to improve. For example, customers will have happy faces if you combine the ingredients and seasonings properly. Conversely, if you add too much wasabi or soy sauce, you will find their ears will smoke.