Ninja Assassin Shadow Master-Ninja Assassin Shadow Master v1.0.21 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Items)

Ninja Assassin Shadow Master-Ninja Assassin Shadow Master v1.0.21 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Items) title=

Ninja Assassin Shadow Master


Ninja Assassin Shadow Master will help you transform into a professional ninja assassin warrior and participate in thrilling battles. You are a representative of peace and are on a journey to destroy evil to bring peace to innocent people. Hold the weapon firmly in your hand and the proficient skills you have acquired, and you will prove to everyone that you are the strongest ninja.


When coming to Ninja Assassin Shadow Master, you will become one of the ninja assassins of a pretty famous sect and currently living in the mountains of Persia and Syria. The people in this sect are all highly-trained ninjas and have gone through many different battles to protect the peace. Good is always around everyone, and you will represent it to protect your people from the evil lurking at all times.

At this time, a shocking event happened that the king’s son, Prince Ryan, was kidnapped and held hostage in a fortress of the wicked. They want the king togive them all power and return the son to the king. Unable to sit still and let this happen, you bravely volunteered to go out and rescue the prince.


In the early stages, you will control your character to move between a deserted place like a desert by using the control buttons available on the screen. They will include buttons for the character to move in the direction they want and the rest buttons to use when attacking specific enemies. After detecting an enemy’s silhouette from afar, you will quickly use arrows and aim at them to destroy.

Later on, the difficulty will increase because the closer you are to the fortress’s location that is also where the prince is being held, there must be more dangerous. Enemies will appear more and patrol around the defense to stop you. So you have to move stealthily and find a way to defeat each one with an ax or a fist. In addition, you will also find a horse tied at a post along the way and you will ride it to move faster.


– Be transformed into a brave ninja assassin warrior and shoulder the noble task of rescuing the prince.
– Tense battles and suspense when only you fight at the same time with many enemies.
– Many different weapons that you can use to destroy enemies, such as axes, bows, or fists.
– Be satisfied with many exciting action scenes such as climbing over towering walls or riding horses to overcome many enemies.
– The 3D graphics are designed quite realistically with the colors of the ancient style.